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Started its publishing life in 2010, DBY Publications, has become a qualified publishing house in a short while with the exclusive works and the care it exhibited of the quality that the readers who are interested in this area have longed for. Especially, in the works published in the history field, the principle of being faithful to the original which has been neglected for many years has become a mission. With each published book, it is appreciated that both the reader’s curiosity about the information and the effort to give valuable resources to future researchers.
By doing this, publishers know that there is a responsibility to be a bridge between the cultural background of the past and the future. In this respect DBY publications also strive to do the task falling upon it by necessity. It continues to serve this great service by carrying the treasures hidden in the corridor of past with the valuable researchers and writers that it has added to its structure towards the future and enlightening the reader.
Although it may seem an advantage for us that our country has a rich culture among the nations of the world, it is an important issue for us to be able to protect and preserve the great wealth first, and then transfer it to the next generations. This culture service, which was initiated as DBY Publications, is a very important struggle to keep the scientific accumulation which is considered as richness of the past. DBY Publications, which continue its publishing activities with publications from Ottoman Turkish to present Turkish and with new copyright works, continue its journey in Turkey with the enthusiasm and sensitivity of the first day of publication with the desire to give a place to the minds in the fields of history, philosophy, politics, literature, research-review, memories and thought.
In addition, it has preferred to remain objective by avoiding all kinds of effects which may cause a different image to be produced by making new interventions from outside the works. For this reason, DBY aims to shed light on the future with the motto “Experiencing today with what we learned from yesterday illuminates our tomorrows”. This emphasis has already been drawn to the publishing house with the words chosen “D”ün (Yesterday) “B”ugün (Today) and “Y”arın (Tomorrow).
DBY Publications, which is in the status of international publishing house, continues to bring new, distinguished and valuable works to our cultural life by taking power from this mission and without forgetting the responsibility of its readers.

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